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Disinfecting Weight Training Area
Disinfecting Cardio Machines


The intention of this coronavirus response is to share with you the direction our private health club is moving in our continued battle of Covid-19 to ensure the safety of our members and staff. We are taking all of the precautionary measures to provide you a safe & fun environment for your workouts.

As you enter the club, we provide a mat with sanitizing solution to clean and disinfect your shoes.

We have set Tentative Club Hours to ensure deep cleaning of our equipment and touch points is performed routinely. Monday-Friday 5am-9pm Saturday-Sunday 9am-6pm

Sta Fit is requiring all staff to perform wellness checks prior to start of the shift and asking them to stay home if they have an elevated temperature or any signs of illness.

We are preforming touch free checkin’s by using your keycard or verifying your membership with your name and email.

Employees are REQUIRED to wear face masks during the entire shift and required to wear gloves on the floor.

Employees have been instructed not to touch hair, face, eyes, and nose while sanitized gloves are on and will sanitize hands before and after disposable gloves usage.

We will continuously clean and disinfect all touch points throughout the club and make sure members are using the required disinfectant before and after use.

The swimming pool opens the 21st and will be limited to one per lane. Classes resume with limited space June 1st.

We selectorized hoist machines with three pieces together to ensure only one member at a pod at a time promoting social distancing.

We have installed acrylic sweat and sneeze guards in front of our treadmills. All other cardio machines with have every other in use and alternating rows to ensure a safe distance.

We are recommending all members to wear face coverings and STAY home if they are not feeling well.

Members are required to sanitize all equipment before and after each use with the Sea Fit provided individual sanitizing bottle and towel.

On your way out you will drop your bottle in our CDC recommended cleaning solution and place the towel in the basket.

We are recommending prior to your workout and prior to leaving washing your hands with warm soapy water 20 seconds or longer.

We will be reducing our club to an operating status of 25% capacity


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