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Large Fitness Facility, Less Crowded Gym

One of the HUGE benefits of being a Sta Fit Member is our size.  We are BIG in small, but SMALL in members.  We boast over 24,000 sq ft of fitness space, similar to many of our large competitors, but many times you will only find up to 10 people in the entire gym.  We not only promote our “Safe Space” best practices by limited members, we go as far as providing you your own sanitized spray bottle and towel for your workout, disinfectant mats at the front entry to sanitize your shoes upon entry, and regular cleaning as always.  Try us and you will see the difference.


Brand New Facility & Gym Equipment



At Sta Fit, we incorporate the newest and latest equipment for group and functional training.  Many gyms and studios only use bands, balls, and dumbbells to conduct a class.  We go beyond and have state of the art bikes, rowers, versa pulls (whatever that piece is that you pull down), etc.  We incorporate this equipment along with the traditional bands, medicine balls, and kettle bells to give you a full rounded workout.  Our team instructors are not only teaching the class, they are also taking the class with you side by side showing you how to use each piece of equipment.  You have a special condition?  No problem, we can custom design each workout for your needs to help make your weak areas strong, or to protect an injury.  We adapt to YOU, so you don’t have to adapt to the gym!.


Newly Renovated Gym Pool & Jacuzzi


Pool space in Chandler AZ is limited to say the least.  We are proud to say we have one of the only full length pools in the area.  We recently remodeled the pool and locker room area in order to provide you a safe and clean space to enjoy your aquatics exercise.  At Sta Fit, we are known for our amazing Aqua Classes, and for many it is the main reason they are members.  The pool is unique in that we keep it warmer then most pools in the area, and we are not over crowded.  We are a semi private club; meaning we cap our memberships so that we have only 25% of capacity in our gym at any given time.  This assures you “Safe Space”, unlike many other fitness centers.


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